Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server

Overview Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server

The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server, with eight sockets, is designed for workloads that demand high-reliability, intensive compute operations with best-in-industry management costs. This server delivers an impressive 605,730 SAPS by incorporating eight Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8268, 8276, or 8280L processors. This server meets the critical workload demands for SAPS/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, Epic Caché databases, and other massive virtualization workload consolidation efforts packed into a Seven-Unit (7U) form factor.

Features and benefits

Cisco Intersight™ management support

  • Cisco Intersight provides a cloud-based SaaS platform for managing infrastructure across the globe and in the cloud.

Cisco® solution support

  • Cisco provides application-aware support services to ensure their applications remain operational and provide accelerated services when support services are needed.

Large-memory applications

  • These applications support from 1.5T to 36T using 32G DDR4 DIMMs, 64G DDR4 DIMMs, 128G DDR4 DIMMs, and 256G DDR4 DIMMs.

Cisco professional services

  • Advanced architecture, design, implementation, and management services are available to accelerate time to money.

Spesifikasi Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server

Product Cisco UCS C890 M5
CPU Intel Xeon 8268, 8276, 8280L
Supported DDR4 Memory 32G DIMM, 64G DIMM, 128G DIMM, 256G DIMM
Supported Intel Optane DCPMM 128G, 256G, 512G
Network connectivity 1 quad-port 25G SFP Ethernet, 2 dual-port 25G SFP Ethernet, 2 dual-port 32G Fibre Channel
Boot 2x 240G SSD RAID-enabled for local boot
Data storage Optional: 16x 3.2T SSD drives, RAID-enabled

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Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server

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